Donna Merner

Donna “Zhanluan” Merner

Donna has had a passion for gaming since her first ever gaming experience with the NES in the early 80s. She has played numerous consoles and genres of games. In the early 2000’s she fell in love with a well known franchise called Battlefield when finally getting her first desktop PC, even became a semi professional player for a few years until 2015. Her love for roleplay in games has grown mainly since 2017 when Ark: Survival Evolved was released, which expanded to GTAV RP in 2018 where she joined Genesis and Oblivion Entertainment and has been ever since.

Due to a very tough and traumatic life, and extensive mental illnesses, the passion for gaming and roleplay has been an escape from the struggles yet also a stepping stone into overcoming her social anxieties and bringing her out of her shell. This helped her find a her voice, to bring forth ideas, help members of the community and contribute to the team to build and expand for the future.

Current Projects:
Medical Team Lead on RP Genesis