Bio – Joshua Clay

Joshua ‘Kain Tepes’ Clay

Suffering from autism and crippling social anxiety from an early age, Josh found his escape in video games.  Never really fitting in or feeling comfortable around his peers, he developed a love for online game and role-play when he discovered the AOL Games section in early 1996, and became a frequent player in the MUDs Terris and Federation.  Discontent with the distance between the staff team and players he left and embarked upon his own enterprise which would become Oblivion: Destiny’s End.  He quickly discovered a love and yearning for game development that nothing he had ever experienced could match.  Upon its release in November 1997 the Obliviverse was founded, and Josh adapted the handle of his role-play persona Kain Tepes, which he has used ever since.  As the lead developer of Oblivion: Destiny’s End, Oblivion 2: Shadows of the Past, Dragonball: Vortex, Final Fantasy Compendium and Al’shar: The Shattered Lands he gained a comprehensive understanding of C and C++, teaching himself the fundamentals of programming in an age before stack overflow and W3C.  The Obliviverse of connected games and worlds was an early fundamental concept of the games, and it launched into full effect with the launch of Dragonball: Vortex in 1999.

The Obliviverse went into a hiatus period upon his incarceration in late 2006, but the passion of game development never loosened its hold on him to the point that he mailed out code, development documents and storyline typed out on his 2461DM Swintec Typerwriter to his development team.  When his sentence was abruptly commuted, he returned to a whole new world of game development.  Engines were open source, and accessible.  The entire world of gaming had changed, and MUDs were a thing of the past.  Adjusting to these changes he continued to embrace his passion, developing projects in SDKs such as HeroEngine, Unreal Engine, Game Maker Studio, FiveM and RedM concurrent to his charitable works for the Ohio Re-Entry Program, working for the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections, and his involvement in the Re-Entry Resource Foundation. Not long thereafter he brought OBLE in new directions by launching the Obliviverse Minecraft Cluster, Genesis, Sandcreek as well as breaking ground on Ember Frontier, Enter the Obliviverse and the upcoming Oblivion: Destiny’s End MMORPX.  He left his day job in early 2019 as Director of IT for Staffworks Group to focus exclusively on Oblivion Entertainment and its properties.

Josh spends the majority of his time pounding away on projects for Oblivion Entertainment, as well as contributing his time and effort to charitable foundations such as the Cuyahoga County Re-Entry Program, the Re-Entry and Rehabilitation Foundation and various other mental health and wellness charitable projects.  He is the founder, designer and former primary instructor of the P.A.T.H.S. program for the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections.  He’s the presiding technical officer for Rowthorn Law and has worked for various political campaigns.