Retaliation Storyline Box


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Available on 1.1 Patch
Filled to the brim with commemorative Retaliation themed gear and all the goodies you’ve come to expect from the FiB.

Contains a chance for:

  • Raffle Ticket
    • Grant Harris’ Principe Deveste Eight Keys
  • Charged Collar
    • Strength, Stamina and Shooting Prefixes
    • Health, Armor and Heist Suffixes
  • Joel Hauser’s Collar
    • +2 Stamina Skill
      +2 Metabolism Skill
      +2 Physical Training Skill
  • Retaliation Backpacks
    • Skill modifier prefixes
    • Health and skill modifier suffixes
  • Legendary Gun Blueprint Shards
  • Legendary Equipment Blueprint Shards
  • Vouchers!

… and various other great pieces of loot!


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