The Ultimate Heist Box



Note: These will not be delivered until 10:00 PM Friday the 12th.

Now you too can pull off the ultimate heist with this awesome collection of goods.

Contents and Odds:

  • 100%
    • Treasure Map Piece
  •  80%
    • Golden Crowbar*
    • Titanium Drill*
    • TalbotTec Datapad*
    • Large Heist Bag
    • Epic Team Ups: Disarray & Pyro 1-6
  • 20%
    • Gordon Freeman’s Crowbar*
    • Cobalt Drill*
    • Ancient Technology Datapad*
    • Giant Heist Bag
    • Epic Team Ups: Natasha & Pumpkin Man 1-6
  • 1%
    • Commandant Disarray Bobblehead
    • Boris Gat Bobblehead
    • Natasha Gat Bobblehead
    • Tai Ni-Wong Bobblehead
    • Bagged Milk Man Bobblehead
    • Pumpkin Man Bobblehead
    • Ultimate Heist Keys


*Upgraded crowbars, drills and datapads will have usage limits when the new inventory system is implemented, the same as all other crowbars, drills and datapads.  Additionally these are still seizable by the police if used in conjunction with a crime, like any other datapad, crowbar or drill.


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