RPGenesis 2.0 – Patch 1 Update Notes


  • Added fully custom character creation / selection system
    • Your characters are loaded and can be seen in their outfits, and you now click on them to select them.
    • Character creation loads you into the new fully featured character customization tool provided by fivem-appearance
  • Added smooth custom radial menu to replace the default tilde menu
  • Added modern Police MDT (Modified version of Project Sloth’s)
  • Added entirely new Police dispatch system
  • Added sleek and modern HUD and UI System (by Project Sloth)
  • Added personal, business and organization banking


  • Added a banking application to the phone
  • Garages have been entirely reworked to function through your phone for pulling out a vehicle and the eyetarget for putting one away

! Unfinished List !

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