Gank’s Grinder Birthday Pack


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Celebrate Ganksupreme’s Birthday in Grindr Style!

Contains two Limited Edition PickMe Packs which contain entirely legendary items:

    • Niko’s Mindfreak Hat
      • Mindfreak: Time
    • Endbringer’s Sheath
      • Deal % additional damage with Melee Weapons
    • Fresh Humanskin Suit
      • Armor – 25% Damage Reduction, Holds 3 Plates
    • Iced Out Watch
      • % increased pay from store robberies
    • Heart in the Bag
      • % chance for double loot in Home Invasions

5x Thank You For Your Service PickMe Packs
5x Chaos Orbs

A portion of the profit of this pack will go toward Ganksupreme and his family


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