About Us

Our Worlds.  Your Stories.

From the moment of our inception, everything we have done has revolved around the one core value we were founded upon:  Community First.  Everyone deserves to have fun, everyone deserves to have an escape, everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy themselves.  Every single player deserves to have a home, and family that they can call their own.  Through our core focus on role-play oriented services we have striven to provide just that to each and every one of our customers.  Through the lens of being a company founded by players, for players we develop our projects from this unique perspective.  Our community driven development initiatives lead us to value one on one interactions with our customer base, creating an inclusive, accepting and open atmosphere for everyone.  Everyone is welcome regardless of race, color, creed, sexual orientation, political leaning or past, no one is lesser than or not good enough.


Our History

Founded by Joshua Clay on November 2nd, 1997 as a developer and provider of text based role-playing experiences with our hallmark MUD (Multi User Dungeon) Oblivion: Destiny's End we sought to break the mold that had evolved in the online gaming community at the time.  Through innovative design and story driven role-play events, Oblivion rose to be one of the top games on the net, peaking at 6,500 concurrent players in 1999 and staying relevant throughout the late 90's until the dawn of MMORPGs in the early 00's.  Whether it was a classic experience such as Oblivion, licensed IP like Dragonball: Vortex, or collaborative efforts with other developers like Final Fantasy Compendium, we always had something unique and engaging to offer our customers.  Throughout the 10's Oblivion Entertainment has been focused on creating unique, player driven experiences in the forms of our custom game servers like Genesis and Sandcreek, and development of future projects such as Ember Frontier, Oblivion: Destiny's End MMORPE and Enter the Obliviverse.  Fundamental core systems and features planned for the Oblivion MMORPG designed throughout the late 00's and early 10's have been re-purposed and re-designed to function within servers such as Genesis and Sandcreek.

Our Team


Joshua Clay
Kain Tepes

Beatriz Amorim
Viola Tepes
Executive Vice President

Tom Grobbe
Senior Developer, Genesis

Stephany Simmons
Player Experience Lead, RP Genesis

Chris Adamo
Developer, Enter the Obliviverse
Community Support, OBLE Gaming

Zane Scott
Media Team, OBLE
RP Genesis Team

Malissa Burch
Idle Adventures Artist
Genesis Community Support

Mitchell Stafford
LEO Team Lead, RP Genesis

Donna Merner
ES & Story Team Lead, RP Genesis

Christopher Cahill
RP Genesis Team

Charlie Luya
RP Genesis Team

Esteban Bichara
RP Genesis Team

Tyler Gerig
RP Genesis Team

Dave Chatfield
RP Genesis Team

River Greiner
RP Genesis Team

Joseph Oliver
RP Genesis Team

Heather McClure
RP Genesis Team

Stephen Harris
RP Genesis Team

Jason Sturkie
RP Genesis Alumni

Lonnie Morris
Draken Runeblade
Developer, Enter the Obliviverse