Foundation Supporter Packs

Genesis Prime: Foundation supporter packs are here!  Dig into the new goodies and experience the fullest 2.0 has to offer with one of these incredible limited edition supporter packs.   Foundation 40 $20 Essence Clothes: Foundation Varsity Jacket – OBLE Green Weapon Skin: Foundation Pistol MK2 Foundation Supporter Title – Discord, Forums and In Game Housing: …

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VOIP SETUP Unlike other servers, we don’t require any external voice program for our in game VOIP, phone calls and radios. To set up VOIP which is the ingame VOIP, hit ESCAPE, go to SETTINGS and then cycle down to Voice Chat. Make sure voice chat is on. Go through and choose the microphone (input) and speaker/headphones (output) and adjust your volume for …

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General Rules READ THE RULES. Not knowing the rules is not an excuse for breaking them. Claiming ignorance of rules will not cushion the blow of whatever the punishment admins are handing out to you. Be Respectful. Hate speech, racism, and sexual harassment are strictly prohibited. DO NOT harass community members Out of Character. No …

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