Genesis Update v4472


  • Fixed a bug causing money to duplicate in Ammunations and player owned shops
  • Removed the withdraw option from store interfaces as employees did not need access to that
  • Ammunations and Restaurants will now properly give you Gunsmithing // Cooking skills
  • Fixed a bug causing Up & Atom’s inventory to not save properly
  • Fixed a bug causing items from Continental Coin shops to only give 1 not their proper amounts
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to talk on the radio without having it out if you freshly equipped it
  • Fixed a bug that allowed offduty police to hear and speak on police radio
  • Removed antequated emsServer and emsClient scripts
  • Fixed Ammunation (Morningwood)’s stock
  • Pistols are now flagged as illegal, so they can be seized by police if necessary
  • Voice should no longer be broken on login, or when you exit an instance
  • Reduced the time it takes the mini-lotto to disappear after you finish it to 1 second from 5
  • Fixed a bug that caused the buyer to not appear at a drug call when it’s a Davis raid


  • Utility items such as Binoculars, Drill Bits, etc can now be used from the hotbar
  • Admin permissions, slots and sub will no longer break each month on Tebex update
  • LSPD’s weapon loadout has been updated
  • Gunsmith’s have 23 new recipes available and 23 new guns are now available in the world
  • Dramatically increased the ceiling on the amount of drugs wanted in Call Arounds
  • Removed “Low” buying price from Call Arounds
  • Schwag is now legal

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