Unlike other servers, we don’t require any external voice program for our in game VOIP, phone calls and radios. To set up VOIP which is the ingame VOIP, hit ESCAPE, go to SETTINGS and then cycle down to Voice Chat. Make sure voice chat is on. Go through and choose the microphone (input) and speaker/headphones (output) and adjust your volume for both accordingly (may require some tests).



  • F1 – Change Voice Volume (Shouting/Normal/Whispering)
  • F2 – HUD / Cinematic Bars Toggle
  • F3 – Easy Handcuff (Police Only)
  • N – Voip PTT
  • Left-ALT – Radio PTT.
  • T – Chat
  • M – Ragdoll
  • X – Hands Up
  • K – Vehicle Engine On/Off / Delivery Truck Doors
  • H – Vehicle Headlights
  • U – Lock/Unlock Vehicle
  • B – Point
  • SHIFT – Sprint
  • Sprint + E – Tackle (OUTSIDE ONLY)
  • ~/æ/ø/å – Menu
  • PAGE UP – Inventory
  • PAGE DOWN – Cellphone
  • CTRL – Crouch
  • Default GTA Keybinds may apply(IE To talk normal could be change, therefore to talk on phone will be that keybind too)
  • Emotes are typed out in chat. Example: /smoke
  • Walks are typed out in chat. Example: /maneater
  • Clearing Emotes with /clear
  • For a list of the various emotes, walks, and facial features you can do: Here


To create a character simply click “New Persona” when you login to the server at the initial menu. You can delete characters to free slots the same way.

Upon first entering the city you will find yourself in the Morgue, with a breadcrumb tutorial awaiting you on the right hand side of your screen.  The tutorial will walk you through the basics of customizing your character, and lead you on your first mission into the city.  You will receive some starting cash and a basic set of clothes and customizations throughout the tutorial.



The cellphone is mostly used for global communication texting/calling/services. It can be brought up using the PAGE DOWN key. Within you can find your contacts, phone calls, twitter and various other fun and useful apps.

There are four sections in the phone. The first section is for messages incoming and outgoing.

The 2nd section is all for adding of contacts. directly into your phone. To do this, simply click “Add Contact” and give them a name and input their number.

The 3rd section is for calling, either your friends, or services like Police, Mechanics, Doctors, etc.

The last section is for settings. This is where you can set your phone background, phone zoom, phone volume and size and what your phone looks like.

To send a GPS to someone. When on the message, if you press the RIGHT ARROW key on your keyboard this will being up an option to “SEND GPS”. Doing so will send your current location. If you want to put a marker on your map from one that someone sent you, press the UP ARROW key until you’re highlighting said GPS message, then press ENTER.



Your character has various skills associated with them, which can be viewed via the /skills command in chat, or in the menu under Player -> Persona.  Every character begins with a level of Pistol Use, Physical Training and Stamina.  You can visit various skill trainers such as the Criminal Hub, the University, or Pump Buddy to spend Build Points and Cash to train your skills higher.  You gain build points every time your character gains a level.

A list of all available and implemented skills, as well as their levels can be found here.