• Car Dealer permissions are now based properly on working at Mosley’s or PDM not the former whitelist role
  • Removed Triple Triad Starter Pack from the starter box new players receive as this is now automatic
  • Added redundant failure protection in loot boxes to prevent dead boxes error
  • Removed ancestral notification code from service calls from versecore
  • Removed Gunsmithing Token and Car Dealer Token, and backing code, as they are no longer in use
  • Fixed automatic saving of revive so you can never log out and wake back up dead
  • Removed remainder of ancestral / unimplemented EMS code
  • Fixed a bug causing Gas stations to deposit their profits to the owning business
  • Fixed a bug causing Gas stations not owned by a business to try to store funds rather than depositing to
    the city treasury
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to use invalid characters ^%&$- and space in license plates which
    would drive the database insane for customs and garages
  • Fixed a series of bugs in the recycler and old loot boxes tied to dead or no longer in use items


  • Added Real Estate Agent service calls to the phone
  • Reduced automatic location / health save time to 30 seconds from 2 minutes
  • Lowered the minimum gas price to $4.50 from $4.75


  • Removed St. Patricks Box from Tebex Shop