Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed a bug that could cause wander selling to hang sometimes.
  • Added Charity’s weed grow.
  • Added a Trowel tool you can equip that reduces the time it takes to dig up weed at Milk’s.
  • Freed your UI during negotiation so you can leave (or run if the cops are coming!)
  • Added failure states to the task timing bar so it can end and clear rather than hanging.
  • Added the Excavator in Sandy Shores Desert.
  • Made culling of plants in the weed grow require holding E for five seconds.
  • Added Saving / Loading of the weed grow state. (Whoops)
  • Lowered the time it takes for weed to grow, this is temporary to get it out on the streets.
  • Added a larger radius on the 3d Text appearing when near the Taco Tree.
  • Converted a number of old notifications to the new notifications.
  • Made the new notifications slightly larger and longer lasting, and a little bit farther away from the upper right
    of the screen.
  • Banks now reset properly.