• Added a sight targeting system based on bt-target by brentN5.
    • You can activate this with the Q key.
  • Added lootable dumpsters with various types and qualities of loot which are sight targeted.
  • Added framework for Weazel News and Daily Bark newspapers which you can find by sight targeting a newspaper stand.
  • Added portable containers you can carry around in your inventory which can hold items and be dropped / stored / placed in trunks
    • Heist Bags will be converted to containers in the next patch, and should be unequipped and those inventory slots
      should be cleared.
    • The Inventory will be resized with the addition of this to be smaller and far less database intensive. Any slots > 100 will
      become unusable in the next patch to prepare for this.
  • Added the ability for police to see items inside portable containers when patting down (and seize from them)
    • the Suspicious Briefcase is immune to this and any item held in it is secure.
  • Added the majority of a Vangelico’s Jewelry Store heist. This is a work in progress that will be turned on and off and tuned as we
    experiment with it.
  • Added the ability for people who possess the Void Anima to remember a recall location with the /remember command.
  • Added the ability to create time loops for storyline purposes.
  • Added Note item type.
  • Added Book item type.
  • Added the ability for admins and moderators to administer time based bans in game.
  • Added an automatic event loadout system that is tied to event mode. (No more wasting your own ammo!)
  • New Skill: Dumpster Diving – Learned at Criminal Hub


  • Updated the dpemotes script to add new emotes, props, showing of ids and police badges.
  • Fixed the Time Anima so it works properly.
  • Fixed a number of bugs in the /carry command (formerly /shoulder). This should now always work explicitly as intended.
  • Reworked how mutation and sterility work in the Weed Grow so management of your plants in an inventory is significantly easier.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Butchers and Doctors from getting people up properly.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the banks from resetting properly with the new script.
  • Removed Experience Boosters from all Loot Boxes on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd cards.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented notifications from drawing over the inventory if you have it open.
  • Fixed a bug that caused voice to cycle when toggling the radio.
  • Renamed ‘Garage Clubhouse’ on Vespucci Beach to ‘The Clinic’
  • Reworked the login process.
  • Changed all formerly permanently banned people’s status in the database to indefinite length bans.
  • Changed the Taco Tree from a 3d Press E to a Sight Target.
  • Disabled the script which makes the locals talk back to you when you talk near them to prevent messing up weed sales.
  • Slightly nerfed the run speed boost for smoking weed.