2.0 Prepatch 1 – Drugs

Drugs 2.0 Prepatch represents over 400 hours of admin testing hours and 500 hours of code time. As with the other parts of the 2.0 patches,
the Drug system is an entirely new system coded from the ground up. These systems represent a new era for Genesis, focused entirely
on user experience and player choice. The input of an incredible amount of players and playtesters went into getting this system off the
ground, and we thank each and every one of them. We are excited to bring these rapid new prepatch cycles of content, and look forward
to you experiencing them and unlocking their secrets for yourself.


  • The New Weed Grow Warehouses have been added, there will be 4 additional auctioned off in the next two weeks.
  • A new vision of our old Wander Sale system has been implemented as the primary delivery method of drugs at this time.
  • Players with a job at a Weed Warehouse can now grown their own strains of weed with three distinct features
  • Owners of weed warehouses will have all planters unlocked due to the warehouses being auctioned and the astronomically
    high prices they are paying for them. This will not be the case in the 2.0 release.
  • THC, CBD and Quality. Customers you sell to will prefer either THC, CBD, or a Hybrid. The price they are willing to pay you
    will be determined by the quality of THC and CBD contained in the weed you are selling to them. Quality is an overall
    modifier that purely increases price the higher it goes.
  • Strains can mutate anywhere from 3 – 6 times in their planting lifetime, and can grow to be absolutely incredible.
  • Weed Seeds are purchased in the Criminal Underground and can be used to plant in the new weed grows.
  • Players unable to find a dealer to bulk purchase from can acquire weed as they normally have in the past, at Mr. Milk’s farm
    in Grapeseed.
  • The new Wander Sale system implements a series of new interaction NUI’s which we have created, as well as a new notification
    system which is debuting with this update. Feedback is always appreciated.
  • Absolutely all weed is considered illegal regardless of the THC/CBD contents of it.
  • Processing can be done anywhere you like, it now requires you to have a digital scale tool (in your tool slot!) as well as ziploc bags
    to bag your weed up in.
  • Weed Ounces can now be processed into Joints (which require rolling papers). You can then smoke these to acquire a speed buff
    while sprinting (though you’ll winded a bit easier due to your state!)

Game Features

  • A new item selection UI has been rolled out specifically for use in the weed grow, this is an interactive item dropper that functions
    with the inventory window open. It will grow to be used in many systems as 2.0 comes into shape.
  • A second new item selection UI has been rolled out specifically for use in the Wander Sale UI. This is an interactive item selection
    dropdown that does no require the inventory to be open. It will grow to be used in many systems as 2.0 comes into shape.
  • The QB-Phone garage system will now properly show if your vehicle is in or out of the garage, this is a foundation for an update
    coming sometime in the next few days that will add impounding, impound fees and more work for mechanics (and police!)
  • The progress bar that appears on the bottom of the screen has been added to a number of new tasks.
  • The progress bar that appears on the bottom of the screen now has FontAwesome capabilities to show icons for tasks.
  • The Police now have a LSPD Dispatch channel in Discord that provides a live feed of scenes as they unfold. This functionality
    will be expanded on greatly in the future.
  • Locals are now capable of dropping items on death in certain scenarios.
  • Swimming in water with weed, data pads, joints or illegal packages in your inventory will have adverse side effects.

New Items

  • Basic Weed Seed
  • Basic Weed
  • Joints
  • Digital Scale
  • Rolling Papers
  • Ziploc Baggies
  • Ruined Weed
  • Ruined Datapad
  • Ruined Joint
  • Ruined Package

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