New Job – Mailman

  • You can now talk to the Go Postal worker by Red Garage to take on a mailman task.
  • You then Q target mailboxes, collect the mail.
  • Deliver it to the LSIA Go Postal Depot in exchange for money and experience!


  • The Territory system has been implemented. It will be turned on Soon™.
  • Territories can be influenced and controlled by acting within them, fighting for holdouts inside them, or seizing Nexus power within them.
  • Territories are (at this time) a Temple + Pantheon based thing, not a Organization based thing. (This will change after War of the Gods.)


  • Fixed the garages. (Damn you Bebo)
  • Fixed the cooldown on Void and Time Animas.
  • Fixed Quikclot and added it to Milk’s.
  • Added the /gps command to gps to a postal code.
  • Added a script that tracks the nearest postal code to you.

You are bleeding….

Reworked the bleeding into tiers, rather than an individual value. The bleed should now happen more consistently along a curve, and it will
take more quikclots per tier of bleeding you are.