Navigating all the changes is hard.


  • The GTA health system is no longer in use. This allows us a much deeper control over your character. We are now in direct control
    of your damage dealt, damage taken, and can add various hooks into the events of taking, or dealing, damage. What this means
    for you:
  • GTA Death should no longer happen in any scenario. You should never “die twice” (i.e. from explosions or helicopter blades.)
  • Stat: Lifesteal is now fully operational.
  • Skill: Thorns are now fully operational.
  • Skill: Shield Operation is now fully operational.
  • Stat: Grit is now fully operational.
  • Skill: Toughness has been overhauled and is now fully operational.
  • Skill: +Shield Operation has been overhauled and is now fully operational.
  • Equip able Armors are now fully operational.
  • There is no longer a mandatory ALS, instead you have the option to ALS after 5 minutes, but can remain unconscious for as long
    as you like waiting to be revived.
  • If you ALS at the hospital you will only pay $1,500 in fees rather than $10,000 to cover the ambulance and NPCs helping you.
  • Once the EMS are fully featured and up and running the Police will no longer resuscitate players, and will instead transport them to
    the hospital, a doctor, or EMS for help. They retain the ability for now as we roll out features, this will change in the coming days.
  • Doctors, Butchers and EMS can resuscitate you using the “Q” target.
    • This will not take a medical kit as we are in broad testing phases, it will once the system is finalized.
  • All systems which previously relied on checking your health or if you were dead have been streamlined into the new health unconscious
  • You can no longer use the eyetarget while in a unconscious state.
  • THP is now known as Shield, all references in the code have been updated.
  • This update should dramatically change the landscape of PVP, make it far more fulfilling, and make shotguns far less effective than they
    were beforehand.


  • Temples are now a game mechanic similar to Organizations. You can join the temple of the Deity whom you follow and receive unique
    bonuses based on the temple.
  • You can now tithe experience to your temple and gain temple levels which function in a similar manner to organization levels.
    • Due to this the organization tithe command is now /otithe and temple tithe is /ttithe
  • You can now earn favor from your Deity for completing tasks, which confers a stronger bonus than a crystal shard.
  • Added the following pantheons that link temples together for forthcoming PVP purposes:
    • Pantheon of Darkness
    • Pantheon of Light
    • Pantheon of Fate
    • Pantheon of Balance
  • Added the following Temples to the game
    • Darkness
    • Light
    • Life, Creation & Pleasure
    • Nature, Elements & Change
    • Peace & Wisdom
    • Justice & Honor
    • Hope & Love
    • Lore & Thought
    • Luck & Revelry
    • Death, Destruction & Pain
    • Arcana, Necromancy & Pestilence
    • War & Conquest
    • Shadows & Wrath
    • Despair & Doubt
    • Dread, Greed & Lust
    • The Void
    • Balance
    • Time & Fate
    • Chaos & Betrayal
    • The Runebearers