• Maximum HP Bonus now works properly
  • Physical Training skill and trinkets are now properly calculated when you equip / remove them
  • Shield Operation now increases amount of THP gained from Shield Generators in addition to lowering
    the THP refill timer.
  • Reverted the Beanbag Shotgun into the Pump Shotgun
  • All weapons are now considered Common rarity unless they are created by a Gunsmith, as rarity affects
    baseline damage output now
  • Added the Ancient Tech Oscillating Material Separator where the Recycling and Recomb formerly
    were. This will convert your unwanted items to various component parts and cores.
  • New Items
    • Faded Ancientium Core – Used for crafting common items
    • Worn Ancientium Core – Used for crafting uncommon items
    • Weak Ancientium Core – Used for crafting rare items
    • Ancientium Core – Used for crafting epic items
    • Powerful Ancientium Core – Used for crafting legendary items
    • Flawless Ancientium Core – Used for crafting artifact items
    • Perfect Ancientium Core – Used for crafting mythic items
    • Silver – Used for crafting jewelry
    • Gold – Used for crafting jewelry
    • Platinum – Used for crafting jewelry
  • Removed Items
    • Tape
    • Hose
    • Syringe
    • Paint Cans
    • Tarp
    • Car Battery
    • Glue
    • Aluminum Scraps
    • Steel Scraps
    • Stethoscope
    • Datapad (Charlene Marston)
  • The following item types can be broken down at the ATOMS until 2.0 when they will become crafting
    discipline specific:
    • Jewelry
    • Trinkets
  • All Datapads, Drill Bits & Crowbars have had their rarities stripped to common regardless of their effects
    to fit into the new system. Their effects and costs are unaffected by this change.
  • Added Silver, Gold and Platinum to Compacted Iron and Vanadium Clusters
  • Updated the loot box in Mining nodes to Anniversary 22 and tripled its chances
  • Upped active spawned mining nodes to 300 from 100 – 200
  • Upped active spawned Cayo Perico mining nodes to 30 from 10 – 20
  • Removed all civilian job access from Police as this is being exploited to power level cops while sitting off
    duty and providing nothing meaningful, and has been continually complained about (We will hear more
    about this and what will be done about it soon.)

Jewelcrafting 1.5

  • Item bases are now crafted rather than purchased at Milks
  • Rarity is now determined by the type of Ancientium Core you use on the item
  • Amount of Gems in a ring is now determined by ring setting rather than just skill
  • Skill Gems acquired from the ATOMS can be used in ring crafting to assure that skill appears
  • Skill mods on the ring are now determined by rarity of produced ring
  • Durability of the ring is now determined by the skill level of the jewelcrafter, and have been
    dramatically increased across the board.
  • Crafting now takes 60 seconds to simulate the 2.0 Crafting time and not a leave and pickup
  • Added a series of menu re-opens when things happen and messages are sent for a better
    user experience.


  • Fixed police loadout seizure when a cop went off duty
  • Fixed a bug preventing cops from being properly assigned divisions
  • Fixed a bug preventing Patrol officers from receiving their shotgun
  • Fixed a bug preventing Detectives from receiving their SMG
  • Fixed a bug that caused the voice HUD element to not update properly
  • Shield Generator Trinkets now give a more reasonable amount of THP
  • Remove the old Recycling and Recombobulator systems
  • Fixed a bug causing all heist bags to give the same amount of slots
  • Eliminated a number of redundant scripts that were no longer used but still being kept in memory
    and sent to clients.
  • Renamed a number of scripts that were no longer ‘new’ versions of old systems that still had new in
    their namespaces.
  • Moved Jewelcrafting into the crafting scripts from the hobby scripts.

See you in a few days for Anniversary Update 3