• Started process of replacing ghmattimysql with oxmysql database driver for an estimated 50000% speed increase (not exaggerating!) in database operations.
  • Added new item use / item selector UI to the Inventory which will be used across most of the server as 2.0 rolls out
  • Reworked mining and added 3 new node types and rebalanced the existing node spawns
  • Increased the size of organization warehouses to 120 from 100
  • Lowered foundry smelting time to 10 minutes across the board (before bonuses or timesavers)
  • Anniversary Box placed on sale in the Creepy Crawly Emporium
  • Subscribers will receive an additional 10% off purchases in the Creepy Crawly Emporium for the duration of the Anniversary event


  • Fixed a bug in Jewelcrafting that could cause the wrong skill gem to be consumed on use
  • Fixed a bug in Jewelcrafting that caused normal gems to only give weapon skill bonuses
  • Foundry and Mechanic Crafting now load on boot, not player login, so if a reboot happens your products will still complete


  • Added more foundations and walls to the new Weed Grow and Weed System, but it’s not QUITE ready yet
  • Existing drugs (Schwag, Normie, Primo, Backstreet) will all pay double until the end of the Anniversary event
  • Schwag is once again illegal

Memorial Day Box
Will be released by Bowie while Lux and I are away

Awards Ceremony
Will not take place during the Anniversary event, and instead will take place during the New Years Nightmare event so we can give end of year awards and player of the year