Emergency Services Vehicles

  • The Emergency Services vehicles have been entirely redone thanks to the efforts of Elfen.
  • Elfen is purely responsible for purchasing any packs added in this update.
  • Bowie made liveries and wraps for some of the vehicles.
  • Added 24 vehicles for emergency services.
  • Removed the old emergency services vehicles.
  • All vehicles have new and unified liveries.


  • The Weed Grow now gives experience.
  • Processing weed now gives experience.
  • Added a happy little sound when you find an item when dumpster diving.
  • You can now read The Daily Bark at any news stand or paper stand for $5.
  • Triple Mercy, Triple Artifact Rate enabled in honor of Lux’s Birthday for June 23rd.
  • Added foundations for additional eyetarget interactions.
  • Added sound to Dumpster Diving eyetarget when you get an item.


  • Fixed a bug in wandersell that would allow you to continue selling while downed.
  • Updated server artifact to be in compliance with FiveM.