• Businesses have been added
  • Local Repair Shops can now be purchased for $300,000. These are sole proprietor businesses.
  • Businesses each have their own unique and individual menus for managing and function
  • Local Repair shops are now dependant on kits being in stock, and charge the price set by the business owner.

Call Around

  • Drug Delivery is now available in the brokerage app of the phone
  • The Call Around system has returned with a massive rework and facelift
  • The Davis boys have returned, and give criminal rating when you shoot them down
  • Call Around currently supports Weed Ounces, Weed Plants, Meth Grams and Meth Ounces


  • Boosting has joined the fight!
  • defcon144 bowie_b liv3actiontv elfen and tbooket banded together to purchase the RAHE Boosting script from Tebex as we felt it would mesh well with Genesis’ existing systems
  • You can use the Boosting Tablet (Available currently at Shady Dealer / $25,000) to take boosting missions
  • The more missions you do and experience you gain the better the level and tier of missions you can unlock are
  • S Tier missions are the equivalent in payout and rewards of robbing a bank
  • You can scratch VIN numbers from boosted vehicles to keep them and add them to your garage
  • Boosting Season 1 begins with this patch release, and will be ranked for 2 months (Reset Jan 3rd) with prizes for the top of the leaderboard!


  • Racing has received a rework!
  • The lapraces script we previously used has been removed in favor of RAHE Races, due to the fact it combos up well with the boosting script
  • This was also purchased by the above admins
  • There will be automatically generated daily races and circuits that pay out prizes and leaderboard points (This is also posted in the Discord so you have advanced notice!)
  • Racing Season 1 begins with this patch release, and will be ranked for 2 months (Reset Jan 3rd) with prizes for the top of the leaderboard!

Custom Shops

  • Custom shops have been completely reworked with a multi month effort of examining what other servers do for their shops, and crafting what we believe to be the most powerful custom script in existence
  • Custom Shops currently will continue to function on a drive in, buy what you want basis, but will become owned businesses in the near future with Mechanic’s who apply your upgrades
  • All possible modifications to vehicles should now be available


  • Fixed a bug that allowed a major exploit in store robberies
  • Fixed a bug that allowed a major exploit in home invasions
  • Fixed a bug that caused Trowels to come out as Lockpicks when crafted


  • The cancel button now works in the Brokerage app of the phone to cancel a queue or an activity you are currently in/on
  • Store Robberies have been fully reworked to be smoother, feature a far superior UI, and feel significantly better when doing them
  • Store Robbery Timer: 15 minutes 10 minutes
  • Store Robbery Cooldown: 25 minutes 20 minutes
  • Store Robbery Base Experience Reward: 50 75
  • Infused Contraband Chance: 25% 30%
  • Robbery Skill Store Pay Modifier: 1%/level 2% level
  • Store Robbery Time Per Attempt: 10/10/10/10 seconds 10/20/30/40 seconds
  • Store Robbery Police Requirement: 1 0
  • You can only be in one queue at a time until you finish your previous activity
  • Reworked the Queue system to function more smoothly without burst activations
  • Home Invasions now have a timer
  • Home Invasion loot is now different for each container
  • Home Invasions will spawn a varying set of containers every time


  • It is not nor has it ever been possible to get infused contraband with no police online